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Luneta 4x32E Scope with Micro Red Dot Sight, schwarz

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4x32E Scope with Micro Red Dot Sight - Black
The scope replica was made of metal. Its large size (150 mm long, 70 mm high) and the material it was made of result in a weight of 585 g. The replica features a Rangefinder reticle. The sight point is located in the middle of the cross and is illuminated in red color with eleven brightness settings. The illumination is powered by a CR1620 battery. The scope features a 4x fixed magnification. The set includes also a micro red dot sight that makes fast aiming easier. The red dot sight features a light intensity sensor that automatically adjusts the lighting of the dot. In order to turn it off, it is necessary to put on it the included protective cover. 

The scope’s position can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The vertical position is regulated using a comfortable, large knob under the scope. A flat-blade screwdriver is required for the adjustment of scope’s vertical position. The mount is dedicated for a RIS 22 mm mounting rail with QD system. The replica comes with a nylon case. The case can be fastened to a belt. 

The set includes:
 - scope
 - cover
 - hex key
 - micro red dot sight
 - screwdriver