Primal Gear Sticker Shotgun Pouch, oliv

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Primal Gear  is a  new brand  of tactical and EDC equipment. Check out the wide... more
Product information "Primal Gear Sticker Shotgun Pouch, oliv"

Primal Gear is a new brand of tactical and EDC equipment. Check out the wide range of Primal Gear products which will work perfectly for tactical and EDC purposes. Moreover, they will surprise you with high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. Why Primal Gear?
Primal Gear equipment is made of nylon 1000D fabric which combines extreme strength with resistance.
The use of strong seams and high-quality elements such as tapes, velcro straps or buckles significantly increased the resistance and durability of this brand"s products.
An unusually wide selection of magazine pouches, superbly designed tactical accessories and EDC bags will satisfy even the most demanding user.
The attractive price and the high quality make the Primal Gear equipment ideal choice both for beginners and for professional users.
A self-adhesive pouch made of nylon by Primal Gear for 5 12 GA shotgun shells. Sticker consists of two parts: a wide, self-adhesive hook and loop fastener that allows the pouch to be attached to any shotgun or any kind of flat surface and the pouch itself that can be removed and put on at any moment. 
Sticker pouch is an ideal solution for shotgun Users with a pin standard non-compliant with most popular solutions, which prevents from the usage of stiff pouches attachable to a firearm. However, even owners of systems such as Remington or Mossberg can find in this solution many virtues: low weight, easy to install, rapid detachment of an empty pouch and the attachment in its place of a full pouch, earlier stored, for instance, on a tactical vest.

Color: Black, Olive, Tan
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Primal Gear Sticker Shotgun Pouch, schwarz Primal Gear Sticker Shotgun Pouch, schwarz

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5 in Stock

€3.50 *
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