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G&P Industrial Co. Limited was established in 1995. In its early stages, the company produced military equipment and distributed wargame products.

In 1996, the company responded to market demand by introducing a line of high lumen flashlights, using the G&P brandname for the first time. Since then, G&P has been a trusted name among military equipment enthusiasts. G&P’s flashlights-used by police and military forces in several countries-are today recognized as being the brightest and of the highest quality in the world. The company also actively invests in the development and production of airsoft market (including completed airsoft, upgraded parts, conversion kits, and wargame and police equipment). In 2002, it introduced an SVD Dragunov gas blow back semi auto airsoft rifle airsoft that initiated the first wave of airsoft manufactured in real firearms factories. At the same time, the company introduced the G&P SP SYSTEM series of high-quality airsoft and related products. These received unanimous market approval and increased the G&P brand’s renown for high quality.

Today, the company is Hong Kong’s most important airsoft manufacturer and wholesaler, representing and distributing several brands of airsoft and parts. In addition to its own complete production line in mainland China, the company also possesses an extensive production network in the mainland for related products and accessories. Taking full advantage of Hong Kong’s special geographic location, the company employs a production system in which products are designed in Hong Kong, produced in mainland China, and assembled and inspected in Hong Kong. This enables the company to offer G&P’s high-quality products at lower prices.

Our determination not to compromise on quality has gained the G&P brand the loyalty of airsoft and military-equipment enthusiasts. We are constantly developing and producing new products, a new line of electric airsofts will soon be introduced, and will continue to furnish enthusiasts precision products at a low price. We also participate in and promote WARGAME activities, seeking to promote the sport and the ideals of teamwork and discipline that are at the core of the WARGAME spirit.

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